Facebook Earn $$$ While Playing!

Date : 2012-02-01 10:02:00
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【Duration】: Forever

【Event】:FB user can earn money (RM) while playing game by completing few steps.

【Link】:【Please Click】


Step 1 “Like”


Step 2 Invite Friend Click“Invite & Win $$”, then select friends who you like to recommend.


Step 3 My Result User can check his/her result that gets from his/her friends’point top-up.


【Exchange Rate】:10point = RM 1 (Ringgit Malaysia)



1.)User MUST 【Bind Account】 and 【Verify Email】, in order to use the point exchange for cash.

2.)Minimum point exchange is 1000 per transaction.

3.)We will ask for some information (e.g.: bank account, IC, etc).



1、GamePro reserves the right to make any changes without any notice.

2、Employees and their family of GamePro are not allowed to participle in this event..

3、GamePro reserves the right to change/terminate event’s time and content if problems occur during the event.

4、GamePro reserves final interpretation of this event.

By GamePro Operation Team

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